Our Team

In case you didn’t know, Pilaroc Farms is run by a team of professionals; CEO’s, CFO’s and COO’s. Seasoned, industry veterans that really know how to manage a business. Their minds are focused on continual awareness and growth of the brand and their dedication to the craft is unparalleled in their field.

They also happen to be children; ages 9, 4 and 1.

Many small businesses are managed by a single person – wearing every hat from decision maker to trash collector/toilet scrubber. When Pilaroc was formed, we wanted everyone to know this was a family AND a business. Everyone at Pilaroc is expected to get dirty and to wear multiple hats at multiple times. 

So the CEO can take a meat order, the COO can deliver that meat and the CFO can send you the bill. While the Herdsman is busy breeding cows or sorting pigs. We somehow make it all work.

If you ever need to reach us, drop us a line at jennie@pilarocfarms.com or call 931.814.0312. And we can always be reached on Facebook or Instagram.